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Not so rebellious, but...

I bought two books from Amazon a couple weeks back and received them Monday evening. Here it is, 4:00 AM on Thursday morning, and I'm about halfway through the second book. I've never read this quickly before. The books? First, the informative and simplifying Digital Filmmaking 101 by Dale Newton and John Gaspard; second, Robert "El Mariachi" Rodriguez' Rebel Without a Crew.

I consider it a good sign that I never rip through books like I am now. That this is how I watch movies, soaking them up, yet it seems I can do the same with books that are about movies. The passion is definitely there. I worry, though, that I might not be so daring as I need be, as it seems Robert Rodriguez was to get his start.

I'm glad I got these books together because, though they are equally inspiring and really make me confident that my dreams are possible--quite doable, they also seem polar opposites as far as the filmmakers' attitudes, philosophies and such. the DF101 guys do their films non-profit (perhaps because they couldn't turn a profit), for the thrill of making a film and the education involved. It's a thrill for Rodriguez as well, and he did El Mariachi to learn about making a feature-length film, but a week after the final edit he was driving his way to Los Angeles to sell it, and (it's obvious though I haven't read this part yet) does pretty good for himself. A mantra of DF101 is, "You can't squeeze blood from a turnip," but bleeding is exactly how Rodriguez financed his film, actually partaking in a medical experiment for a month. DF101 does everything legally, by the book for tax purposes, and... well c'mon, do you think Mr. Desperado was that concerned about such things?

I see myself at a happy medium, philosophically speaking, between the two extremes. Though I probably would if I had to, I don't plan on donating my body to science in order to fund my film. I do plan on plenty of sweat & tears, however... long sleepless nights, cramping my hands up coding and driving myself bonkers making enough websites to pony up the dough. I will ask around first to see if the result would be legally sellable, but I don't plan on paying actors $6.00 an hour when I'm already putting myself in the hole, and they'd probably do it for free. Lord knows I will not be making any movie about an alien in some goofy foam-rubber mask. I don't know if my stories would be sellable, but they will be more sellable than that. Oh, and I won't be making any movies down the road like Spy Kids 3D.
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