Thom (thomsworld) wrote in spfilms,

Howdy Owdy, Buckaroos!

Dante and I spent all day Saturday doing early location scouting to see where we'd shoot. We started by heading east, to Goldfield Ghost Town and Apacheland Movie Ranch. Then, on the suggestion of Dante's fiance Sarah (as well as a Goldfield townsman), we drove up to Tortilla Flat. We were hoping since it was so far away that it'd be this perfect, isolated, untouched ghost town, but instead it was the tiniest, silliest little tourist attraction, swamped with people.

After a brief return to Goldfield, we headed out to the other side of the valley. We hoped to check Cow Town and Pioneer Villiage, but we got some bogus directions from MapQuest and ended up in Wickenberg. So, we'll have to go back and look at the other two spots next weekend, but honestly, Goldfield is looking like the strongest contender right now. It's got a very rustic look to it, as opposed to bright "paint-your-wagon" colors as the new Apacheland is. Plus, it's a real town--well, rebuilt, anyhow--with its own history, however little that may be. Goldfield could easily provide the identity for the film's town... Maybe even the title. Between that and the connections I have there, I think it's a good bet.
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