Thom (thomsworld) wrote in spfilms,

"Red meat! We crave sustenance!"

(That was from Twister, by the way.)

I woke up this morning--if you can call it that after only three hours' sleep--and realized all I'd eaten in the past 24 hours was a stale bagel from the conference room yesterday and a tray of nachos at Matrix Revolutions last night. I've been reading those books so much, I'd forgotten to get any meals in. No wonder I thought I was coming down with something!

Hmm... I had started toying with the idea of making Day's End first, but I've decided against it again. My initial concerns were that the film would require some really a-list quality acting to do justice with the story, since it's almost entirely focused on two characters. Now, my main concern is that it wouldn't be a big draw for distributors... It's pretty bleak, grim... Not very chipper. Though I know it will be a great story to tell, I'm not sure if it would be given a chance to be told.

So, I'm thinking about Fall Semester again. It's a safer bet: almost an ensemble film, full of subplots, some funny, some almost tragic. It will have a lot of variety to it. There will be a ton of character arcs--they'll really grow from beginning to end of the film, nearly all of them. And it won't just be, "They all get laid." Some will end up in big trouble, but all the wiser for it. Of course, my main concern there is that distributors may just see it as a slightly grown-up teen comedy, which it's not. It's more like Swingers about college. I suppose it will be determined in how well I write it.

Just in case, I might also try working on Trip, my modernization of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. It will be pretty easy to write, would only require two or three locations, and oughtta be a pretty damn fun watch if I can balance the humor right--and this is coming from a guy who can't stand the original play. Plus, we'd pretty much get to spend the entire production camping out in someone's back yard up north. Who could complain about that?

There's still plenty of time to decide on this--I figure I'll write Fall Semester, Trip, and at least a rough draft of Day's End in the time it takes me to save up for a broadcast-quality camera. So by the time we're ready to start filming, I'll have figured out which it is we'll be filming.
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