Thom (thomsworld) wrote in spfilms,

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat's Happening?

Um, yeah.  Riiight.

Yeah, so this space has gone unused for a while, and for good reason.  Danté and I are no longer collaborating, not even talking much.  (We're not on bad terms right now per say, but a wedge had long since been driven.)  And as for me...  Well, I've been procrastinating WAY too much.

But I'm gearing up again.

I'm planning a new story, one which I'll most likely write as a novel.  Yes, a novel, not a screenplay...  But I have a plan.  This particular story would be extremely hard to sell as a screenplay, as it would require a hefty production budget.  Of course, that also makes it a poor candidate to film indie-style.  However, since a novel is its own production, it shouldn't be any harder to sell than an intimate character drama.  (Easier, perhaps.)  And I think book publishing itself is considerably less competitive than filmmaking or screenwriting.  So my plan is to first get the book published, and make sure I reserve the screenwriting rights for myself.  Then, the story already being "tested" in one medium, it might be easier to get it optioned as a film, and that's my in.

(continued in private)

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