Thom (thomsworld) wrote in spfilms,

"Ultra-Low Budget, Incorporated"

Hello, one and all... This journal/community is something I've set up for all of us involved in Self Portrait Films to write in as we learn and go. I suppose we should begin with a little introduction.

"Self Portrait Films" is the working name of my production quasi-company (Hopefully we will be able to consider it a real company in the not-too-distant future.) I consider myself the writer/director/producer at present, but I may be sharing writing and production duties with my friend, Danté. Additionally, we'll probably enlist the help of Dante's fiance Sarah, my brother Phil, and aspiring New York thespian Adam Hughes.

Our desire is to produce an independent film with a budget at or about $10,000 or less. Right now, we're at $0... Zero broadcast-quality cameras, zero editing systems, microphone booms... Oh, we do have access to one tripod. But it's not frictionless, so we can't use it.

These numbers might seem discouraging, but what we lack in financial resources and equipment we make up for in creativity, ambition, and a love for film. With those fully stocked in our arsenel, I feel confident the rest will fall into place.
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