Thom (thomsworld) wrote in spfilms,

Sons of Guns!


...ok. Now then, went to a concert with Danté last night. The concert was cool, but much more significant was our discussion about the story for the western, and what I'd thought of (and written about previously). When we got in the car, he expressed that he was "not very enthusiastic" about doing a western, but less than four hours later, he was stoked and ready to shoot. (Down, boy!)

At present, there are three interwoven plots to this film:

1) The Town Crisis - This one has yet to be fleshed out, but will serve as the cultural backdrop and general catalyst for the other plots.

2) Brothers and Friends - The four main characters begin as best friends, an imseperable camraderie. In a short span of time, however, their values are put to the test, and friends find themselves on opposite sides of issues--and guns.

3) The Texas Kid's Gun - Inspired by a true family story. The sons' father once rode with a man who went by the name of The Texas Kid. The Kid was killed and robbed by some lowlifes many years back, and his guns were among the stolen loot. His friend, the father, recovered one of the pistols. However, unable to find the other, he's always felt The Kid wasn't able to rest peacefully. His sons inadvertently carry on his quest for the gun.
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