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For a Fistful of DV Tapes

New plan.

Though I love and plan to do Day's End, Fall Semester, and Trip eventually, we have decided to go, first and foremost, with a western. Yes, that's right film fans, cringe... I said, "a western"! Let me explain.

1. We live in Arizona. There are more old-west show towns out here than you can shake a stick at, and since most of them aren't having much business these days, we think it should be relatively easy to be able to shoot at one. We're not talking Old Tuscon or something, but maybe Gold Field Ghost Town or Apache Land (the latter of which was the location used for Charro and Blind Justice). So locations: easy.

2. My dad is a bigtime old west aficionado. He is a big fan of westerns but is knowledgeable enough to point out errors in consistency and authenticity. He's a "cowboy action shooter", which means he likes to cowboy up and go shooting with authentic replica revolvers and rifles. At a point in his life, he was even an actor at many of the aforementioned show towns, including sheriffing at Apache Land. I haven't spoken to him yet, but I am extremely confident he will be enthusiastic in helping us with this project.

But perhaps the most motivating factor in this decision...

3. The Western genre has been, overall, stale and stifling for the past few generations. Much of that can be attributed to a decrease in interest, but much was brought on by the Western filmmakers themselves. It's no big revelation to point out how cliché most plots tend to be with the genre, and pacing is a big problem as well. Because westerns are relatively unpopular these days, the genre has managed to avoid the uber-marketing pains Hollywood has imposed most everyplace else. (In simple terms, most westerns don't require $20 million advertising budgets.) Out thinking, then, is that it would not be hard to get a western picked up by a distributor, and get some recognition. If our western would happen to be a good one, especially relative to the norm (which whe feel will not be at all difficult), then we could quite easily make names for ourselves and move on as established filmmakers into other genres.

That's the plan, anyhow... More later.
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